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well today I'm going to tell you about the magic world of Bitcoins. Bitcoins are an online currency that = an amount of value in dollars depending on the market at the time that your buying or selling. They are transferred  to your computer to what is known as a Bitcoin wallet ( a program that sends and receives bitcoin.)You can generate unique address's that are used for the transfer, just think of the address's as a different type of banking information but it stays directly on your computer. So when  your dealing with  bitcoin you no longer have to worry about banks or any other third partys, and you can put your bitcoin wallet and your bitcoins right onto a usb thumb drive and take them anywhere you go!

Lots of online merchants now except Bitcoin, like:
          Here are a few lists
  Good list of free bitcoin sites

the online poker world is no different, lets get started with the freerolls.  Sealswithclubs have hourly freerolls no deposit needed.They also have very fast cash outs paid  directly into your bitcoin wallet. seals is complety uncensored The Wild Wild West of online poker. Chips at sealswithclubs are as follows. (1000chips = 1 bitcoin) or (1 bitcoin = 1000).
At seals they use a point system they call Krill, the more Krill you earn the more bonuses,freerolls,and rake back you will recive. Seals with clubs have a very tight community of players. Everybody seems to know each other and either get along great or hate each other which can be entertaining. Try it out see for your self you got nothing to lose and bitcoin to gain! Open to U.S players

Strike Sapphire is an online bitcoin casino with tons of cool games some you might have seen before and lots of exclusive casino games only played there. Strike also have a poker room with a few tournaments, a daily freeroll at 22:00 GMT and cash games. Strike Sapphire is very unpopulated at this time which makes for some easy money in the freeroll. I played there a few days ago and we only had 4 players in the $2 freeroll. All bets at strike are in dollars and when you cash out its converted to the price of bitcoin at the time.   Strike Sapphire

Bitcoins go up and down in price like the stock market.They are at around $95 each right now so its a good time to get some free ones. You can check the current price and buy bitcoins anytime at  and mtgox

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