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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Staying Alive in a Freeroll

When playing in a freeroll you should take a different approach than your standard pay to play tournaments. One reason for this is there are a lot of players making bad decisions like all in pre flop with any ace or face card. I encourage you not to do this, its a bad move and could be the end of your tournament life. Another thing to think about is calling any type of raise only call if you think you have the best hand, watch out if one person raises in a freeroll its likely someone will reraise or go all in. So unless you have a very good hand its smart to fold. Use your player notes to tag reckless,Tight,bluffing,and slow play players this will help you later on if you run into them in another freeroll or game down the road.

Only play good hands like aces, two face cards, or pocket pairs this will make your chances of making it to the money a lot higher. Don't become pot committed in other words don't put more then half your chips into a hand if you do, then it will be hard to fold when you know your beat. Remember the fold button is you friend. Always keep enough chips to have a chance to make a comeback. If your short staked then your best option is to push all in with a good hand. Pocket pair or an ace and good kicker are your best choice's. Keep a count of how many big blinds your stack amounts too if you have 2000 chips and blinds are 10/20 then you have 100 big blinds. Remember big blind only hits you once a cycle don't make a mistake or let emotion affect your game if someone trys to steal your blind let them have it. You can get it back later on in the game when you have a better hand.

Freerolls are different from regular tournaments because there is no buy in. For this reason a lot of people don't take them seriously, if you do you will have an advantage over those who dont. Slow playing is a good way to get  chips in freerolls let your opponent think he's ahead by checking the flop and turn let him control the betting if he checks the flop bet small on the turn hoping for a reraise when it gets to the river and you think you have the best hand take him out with a big bet make sure you have a very good hand and your raise should be  based on
  •  Your hand
  • The amount of chips you have
  • Your opponents chips
  • How the hand played out so far
Making it to the money is not difficult, know the number of paid places and keep an eye on the number of players left in the game. Evey player out is one step closer to cashing. Keep an eye on the blind levels after about 30 minutes most of the bad players(DONKS) are either out or in the top ten don't let this discourage you they will slip up and make a bad move and get called. When your getting close to the money under 20 people left to the bubble dont play any hands unless your big blind you don't want all your work to be wasted by making a bad call when your this close to winning. If you have less then 5 big blinds at this point start using all the provided time and  time banks you have. Its better to wait the extra 5 or 10 minutes until after the bubble before making your big move and going all in. Because then if you lose the hand you exit  the tournament in a winning position stay lucky my friends.

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