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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Staying Alive in a Freeroll

When playing in a freeroll you should take a different approach than your standard pay to play tournaments. One reason for this is there are a lot of players making bad decisions like all in pre flop with any ace or face card. I encourage you not to do this, its a bad move and could be the end of your tournament life. Another thing to think about is calling any type of raise only call if you think you have the best hand, watch out if one person raises in a freeroll its likely someone will reraise or go all in. So unless you have a very good hand its smart to fold. Use your player notes to tag reckless,Tight,bluffing,and slow play players this will help you later on if you run into them in another freeroll or game down the road.

Only play good hands like aces, two face cards, or pocket pairs this will make your chances of making it to the money a lot higher. Don't become pot committed in other words don't put more then half your chips into a hand if you do, then it will be hard to fold when you know your beat. Remember the fold button is you friend. Always keep enough chips to have a chance to make a comeback. If your short staked then your best option is to push all in with a good hand. Pocket pair or an ace and good kicker are your best choice's. Keep a count of how many big blinds your stack amounts too if you have 2000 chips and blinds are 10/20 then you have 100 big blinds. Remember big blind only hits you once a cycle don't make a mistake or let emotion affect your game if someone trys to steal your blind let them have it. You can get it back later on in the game when you have a better hand.

Freerolls are different from regular tournaments because there is no buy in. For this reason a lot of people don't take them seriously, if you do you will have an advantage over those who dont. Slow playing is a good way to get  chips in freerolls let your opponent think he's ahead by checking the flop and turn let him control the betting if he checks the flop bet small on the turn hoping for a reraise when it gets to the river and you think you have the best hand take him out with a big bet make sure you have a very good hand and your raise should be  based on
  •  Your hand
  • The amount of chips you have
  • Your opponents chips
  • How the hand played out so far
Making it to the money is not difficult, know the number of paid places and keep an eye on the number of players left in the game. Evey player out is one step closer to cashing. Keep an eye on the blind levels after about 30 minutes most of the bad players(DONKS) are either out or in the top ten don't let this discourage you they will slip up and make a bad move and get called. When your getting close to the money under 20 people left to the bubble dont play any hands unless your big blind you don't want all your work to be wasted by making a bad call when your this close to winning. If you have less then 5 big blinds at this point start using all the provided time and  time banks you have. Its better to wait the extra 5 or 10 minutes until after the bubble before making your big move and going all in. Because then if you lose the hand you exit  the tournament in a winning position stay lucky my friends.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Depositing & Cashing Out


When deciding to deposit or cash out of a poker site you should think of a few different things before jumping into it to quickly. Things like how will you be sending the money to or from? How much you will be sending to or from? Whats the easiest and safest way to do so? When and where is the best place to do so? and how long will the method take to receive your money?

 After taking all of these things into account make your decision wisely read all the small print on all forms you fill out looking for hidden fees and trickery wording. Most well know poker sites still charge small fees to cash out from there site, and third party methods also charge some fees for depositing i' ll get into that in a minute. If you use your bank account to deposit or cash out, your regular banking fees will apply and depending on the site your sending to they also may charge a small transfer fee.

 Its always good to look for a good high first deposit bonus when deciding to make your first deposit. OK lets get into some deposit options, there are many different ways to get money to and from poker sites both with there difficulty's. Depending on how you want to go about it. You can use your bank account or go to your bank and open a new account just for online use. You can also go to the store and buy a credit card giftcard such as visa and mastercard with a desired amount like $25, $50 or any other amount you wish to deposit. Note that if your going with the giftcard option then you will be paying a fee to the card manufacturer and tax which can add up fast and cost you extra money ($25 adds up to about  $29).Another way to deposit is with your credit card all poker sites take visa, and master card.

Third party Brokers : these sites take your money and hold it like a bank and send it to where ever you would like to spend it. Different poker sites may take different third party options a few examples are Paypal, and  Skrill money brokers. You send the money to paypal or Skrill and when you want to, they will send it to the site you wish to deposit on. The same goes for cash outs you can request to cash out with the same method or you can cash out right into your bank account. the point of third party broker sites is you only have to give your personal banking or credit card information to one site for most online resources. Skrill money brokers are well known for poker and online gaming, most large poker sites except skrill.

 If you try one way to deposit and it dont work try another. There are different types of online currency that some sites except such as UKash that you can buy in some stores or online. Only buy UKash from  trusted sites do your research and beware of scams.

When cashing out the fastest and easiest way to receive money in your hand is direct deposit into your bank account. But you can still use third party sites to hold your money and when your ready send it from there to your bank or a different poker site of your choice. You can also cash out by Bank Note a check is sent to you by mail this takes longer and usually comes with a larger fee from $10 to $20 so its not very appealing.

 I stick strictly to bank transfers for my depositing and cashing out , so at least i can get all the transaction information and fees from my personal bank and i know what took place. You will need to opt into online banking threw your bank to do these transactions. Play safe keep on climbing and stay lucky my friends.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Poker Tools↑

Under the poker tools tab at the top of the page I'm including some awesome poker school sites that have all the necessary information you will need to up your game. Some have  online quizzes to test your skills and see what you need to work on. This information is key to make you a better player and give you a better understanding of poker strategy.

All sites under poker tools have different no deposit bonuses from different sites, some overlap so shop around for the best ones. I suggest doing poker strategy's online tests this will make you a much better player. Bankrollmob have a good bonus system and mini games that give you a chance to win cash. and some pretty good deposit offers as well for most main brand poker sites,plus some good old poker forums to hear everything juicy thats going on in the world of online poker.

On bankrollmob and yourpokercash you will need to verify your identity by taking a picture of your I.D i did it, it took a few days to confirm my account and a few more to receive my bonuses. I have gotten bonuses from all the sites under the poker tools page so they are all legit. Go try the test at poker strategy and come back and tell me your results you will probably be surprised with all the scientific mathematics and calculations  that go into good poker. So i ll tip my cup to you and say "good luck"crunch them numbers and stay lucky my friends.
You can take the test at poker quiz or check out the poker tools page by clicking here

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Signing Up To Online Poker

When you sign up to a poker site you should be completely honest with your information. If your info doesn't match up when you deposit or withdraw they can and will lock you out or ban you altogether. Things to think about:
  •  you should read their terms and conditions i know its long but this is a contract that you and the site are bound to follow if you break their rules, even unknowingly that can shut down your account and confiscate your winnings. 
  • Read their privacy policy to make sure they do not share, trade, or sell your personal information. 
  • Read reviews  about the site on third party websites to make sure their legitimate.
  •  At some point of your membership with the site they will ask you to confirm your identity this is routine to make sure you are who you say you are, another good reason to give honest info at sign up. To confirm they will ask for a scan copy or photo of your picture I.D comply with this request or your account will be locked. Sometimes its better just to confirm your I.D at sign up, and get it over with before they ask later down the road and possibly cause a head ache.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Make Money Online

There are several different ways to make money online, but none as fun as playing successful poker. the fastest way to do this is to start off by Depositing money to your favorite poker room. But since  were talking about freerolls and No Deposit bonuses we will just jump ahead and say you have been able to bring your bank roll up to $100. With this small amount you can start playing a little higher stakes than just $1 games but don't be foolish $1/$3 should still be your limit.

 The fastest way to make the most money on poker sites is cashing on Guaranteed prize pool tournaments.These tournaments guarantee a specific Prize no matter how many players join, and they offer the highest  cash pay outs for entry fees. Remember try to avoid rebuy tournaments at this point, if you do decide to play a rebuy tournament don't get carried away there are a lot of people chasing aces and bad hands just because they can rebuy and have another chance.

Cash games are another way to make fast money but they also run a risk of losing everything you sit down at the table with so only play small stakes. Find a table where you can start with $3 and try to run it up its always good to continue playing after you double or triple the max buy in of the table because you are now at an advantage.

Take your time while choosing and playing your games,Poker is a game of patience never lose focus on your hand or your opponents . Watching the other players at your table can give you useful information, and i suggest  you make notes of their play on the provided players notes for future reference. Most poker sites have some type of player notes just right click on the persons avatar and the option should be shown. Get that Deposit bonus Dominate the freerolls and low stakes and remember stay lucky my friends

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Turning Nothing Into Something (what you need to know to get started)

Though starting a bankroll on a poker site from nothing seems damn near impossible. With no deposit bonuses and freerolls its easier than its ever been before. First you need to find a poker room with a No Deposit start up bonus and some good small stakes games and freerolls. Most sites that offer these bonuses give you about $10 to try there software.

 Don't be reckless just because its free money, its still real money. After you get the bonus money into your account don't be rushed to play and spend it. pick and choose your games wisely. Only play $1 and lower tournaments, sit&go's , and cash games. i suggest you play $0.35-$0.50 sit&go's to get started. This gives you a better chance of not busting the bank,and you get a feel for your competition and the sites software.

Play every freeroll you can there is no money like free money,and just because its a freeroll doesn't mean not to take it seriously. Any experience is good experience even if it is going bust on the bubble of a $100 freeroll. Better to make a mistake without losing any of your banked cash. Keep grinding at the small stakes tables until you reach a comfortable amount(around $75-$100) of money in you account that you feel you can risk a little for a higher buy-in.

 Remember don't go crazy just because you have a bit more than you started with,you can still lose it just as quick if you become inpatient or make reckless choices. Realistically  your only supposed to play games 1% cost of your entire bank roll ie. your bank roll is $100 only play $1 games or lower. But if your starting from nothing besides a bonus you cant do that,so just play wisely pick and choose your games. $1 MTT or Multi Table Tournaments are a great way to boost your bank,try to find one that doesn't have rebuys because rebuys can drain your cash fast and have way more crazy reckless players.

 These are just a few tips on starting from nothing on a poker site, i hope it was helpful remember to build your bank up before you risk any real sized amount on a game or hand. Play wise and stay lucky my friends

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Hello my name is Jason and I'm going to search the net playing poker and finding the best sites that offer  freerolls/Free Money so you can get paid to play with out depositing and risking any of your own money. I'm looking for good poker software, friendly community, Free no Deposit bonus offers, and daily or weekly Freerolls. Every site I include will be personally tested and  and verified by myself to insure safe and absolutely Free Gaming. Lets get started.