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Monday, 5 August 2013

Depositing & Cashing Out


When deciding to deposit or cash out of a poker site you should think of a few different things before jumping into it to quickly. Things like how will you be sending the money to or from? How much you will be sending to or from? Whats the easiest and safest way to do so? When and where is the best place to do so? and how long will the method take to receive your money?

 After taking all of these things into account make your decision wisely read all the small print on all forms you fill out looking for hidden fees and trickery wording. Most well know poker sites still charge small fees to cash out from there site, and third party methods also charge some fees for depositing i' ll get into that in a minute. If you use your bank account to deposit or cash out, your regular banking fees will apply and depending on the site your sending to they also may charge a small transfer fee.

 Its always good to look for a good high first deposit bonus when deciding to make your first deposit. OK lets get into some deposit options, there are many different ways to get money to and from poker sites both with there difficulty's. Depending on how you want to go about it. You can use your bank account or go to your bank and open a new account just for online use. You can also go to the store and buy a credit card giftcard such as visa and mastercard with a desired amount like $25, $50 or any other amount you wish to deposit. Note that if your going with the giftcard option then you will be paying a fee to the card manufacturer and tax which can add up fast and cost you extra money ($25 adds up to about  $29).Another way to deposit is with your credit card all poker sites take visa, and master card.

Third party Brokers : these sites take your money and hold it like a bank and send it to where ever you would like to spend it. Different poker sites may take different third party options a few examples are Paypal, and  Skrill money brokers. You send the money to paypal or Skrill and when you want to, they will send it to the site you wish to deposit on. The same goes for cash outs you can request to cash out with the same method or you can cash out right into your bank account. the point of third party broker sites is you only have to give your personal banking or credit card information to one site for most online resources. Skrill money brokers are well known for poker and online gaming, most large poker sites except skrill.

 If you try one way to deposit and it dont work try another. There are different types of online currency that some sites except such as UKash that you can buy in some stores or online. Only buy UKash from  trusted sites do your research and beware of scams.

When cashing out the fastest and easiest way to receive money in your hand is direct deposit into your bank account. But you can still use third party sites to hold your money and when your ready send it from there to your bank or a different poker site of your choice. You can also cash out by Bank Note a check is sent to you by mail this takes longer and usually comes with a larger fee from $10 to $20 so its not very appealing.

 I stick strictly to bank transfers for my depositing and cashing out , so at least i can get all the transaction information and fees from my personal bank and i know what took place. You will need to opt into online banking threw your bank to do these transactions. Play safe keep on climbing and stay lucky my friends.

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