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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Turning Nothing Into Something (what you need to know to get started)

Though starting a bankroll on a poker site from nothing seems damn near impossible. With no deposit bonuses and freerolls its easier than its ever been before. First you need to find a poker room with a No Deposit start up bonus and some good small stakes games and freerolls. Most sites that offer these bonuses give you about $10 to try there software.

 Don't be reckless just because its free money, its still real money. After you get the bonus money into your account don't be rushed to play and spend it. pick and choose your games wisely. Only play $1 and lower tournaments, sit&go's , and cash games. i suggest you play $0.35-$0.50 sit&go's to get started. This gives you a better chance of not busting the bank,and you get a feel for your competition and the sites software.

Play every freeroll you can there is no money like free money,and just because its a freeroll doesn't mean not to take it seriously. Any experience is good experience even if it is going bust on the bubble of a $100 freeroll. Better to make a mistake without losing any of your banked cash. Keep grinding at the small stakes tables until you reach a comfortable amount(around $75-$100) of money in you account that you feel you can risk a little for a higher buy-in.

 Remember don't go crazy just because you have a bit more than you started with,you can still lose it just as quick if you become inpatient or make reckless choices. Realistically  your only supposed to play games 1% cost of your entire bank roll ie. your bank roll is $100 only play $1 games or lower. But if your starting from nothing besides a bonus you cant do that,so just play wisely pick and choose your games. $1 MTT or Multi Table Tournaments are a great way to boost your bank,try to find one that doesn't have rebuys because rebuys can drain your cash fast and have way more crazy reckless players.

 These are just a few tips on starting from nothing on a poker site, i hope it was helpful remember to build your bank up before you risk any real sized amount on a game or hand. Play wise and stay lucky my friends

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