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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Signing Up To Online Poker

When you sign up to a poker site you should be completely honest with your information. If your info doesn't match up when you deposit or withdraw they can and will lock you out or ban you altogether. Things to think about:
  •  you should read their terms and conditions i know its long but this is a contract that you and the site are bound to follow if you break their rules, even unknowingly that can shut down your account and confiscate your winnings. 
  • Read their privacy policy to make sure they do not share, trade, or sell your personal information. 
  • Read reviews  about the site on third party websites to make sure their legitimate.
  •  At some point of your membership with the site they will ask you to confirm your identity this is routine to make sure you are who you say you are, another good reason to give honest info at sign up. To confirm they will ask for a scan copy or photo of your picture I.D comply with this request or your account will be locked. Sometimes its better just to confirm your I.D at sign up, and get it over with before they ask later down the road and possibly cause a head ache.

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